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What to Expect from the Phase Two Changes to The Alberta Condominium Property Act

The Condominium Property Amendment Act was passed on in December 2014, and marked the announcement of substantial changes to Alberta's Condominium Property Act and Condominium Property...
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Cannabis in Condos: Our Observations After Four Months

February 17 th marked the fourth month since Canada legalized legalize the possession, use, and production of marijuana for recreational purposes in private residences. This understandably created...
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Should You Renovate Your Investment Property in 2019?

When considering renovating an investment property, investors must always keep in mind what benefits they can realistically to achieve from such an undertaking. Whether it’s attracting new...

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What are the Current Rules for Rent Increases in Alberta?

In 2016, we wrote about the Alberta government’s plan to potentially put a cap on the amount that a landlord can raise rent on their tenants. However, as of 2018, this has not happened. But are...

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How to Find and Attract Quality Tenants

What is a quality tenant?

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How Marijuana Legalization Affects Insurance Costs in Properties

Yes, cannabis is legal in Canada, but there are provisions to follow if people want to use it recreationally.

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