Benefits of investing in multi-family buildings in Edmonton

With nearly 40 years in business, Braden Equities Inc. is a premier property management company in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our management style is tailored to the unique needs of each one of our clients, and we work as a team to ensure that every project is treated with the care and attention it deserves.


The beauty of investing in real estate is that there are endless investment possibilities. You can invest in rental properties, single-family homes, multiple single-family homes, or multi-family buildings.

Investing in a property that you can rent out is the preferred investment strategy for investors who want an additional source of monthly income along with steady appreciation in the value of their portfolio.

Multi-family investment properties are a great way for real estate investors to grow their wealth. It is the only kind of investment that will provide a consistent cash flow month after month.

In fact, there are many indications that multi-family apartment investments will continue to be an excellent investment type. One reason for this is that many millennials aren't buying homes. Many are choosing to live downtown in multi-family complexes that have fantastic amenities and are close to entertainment venues.

Other benefits of investing in multi-family buildings are:

  • Spreading Risk Over More Units
    • Multi-family properties allow the investors to limit their downside risk by having multiple tenants pay the expenses.
  • Opportunities for more Cash Flow
    • Owning a multi-family property will generate you a lot of income because of the multiple units. You will still receive revenue even if a couple of your units are sitting vacant.
  • Investment Won't Lose Value
    • The most significant advantage of multi-family investment properties is their ability to attract tenants. If the building is in a great location surrounded by attractive amenities, you will be attracting tenants in no time at all.

Investing in Multi-Family Buildings in Edmonton

Compared to other major cities in Canada, Edmonton is the most enticing location to invest in a rental property. This is because Edmonton has reasonable prices and robust natural population growth.

As a result, you will find a greater supply of houses and multi-family buildings at attractive prices, which can be turned into profitable investment properties.

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Benefits of Using A Property Management Company To Manage Your Building

Are you the kind of investor that does not enjoy the actual management of your properties? If so, then using a property management service is an excellent choice. A property management service will handle the day-to-day operations of your building.

Using a professional property management service for your multi-family building will bring you many benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Increase Your Overall Investment Value
  • Save Money on Maintenance Costs
  • Guaranteed Rent Collection
  • Claim More Deductions When You File Taxes
  • Reduced Vacancy Lengths

Using a property management service to manage your building is even more beneficial if you are an out-of-province investor. They will work hard to fill vacancies, collect rent, make repairs, and handle emergencies. They will keep a close eye on your property since you are not able to.

Benefits of using Braden Equities Inc.

If you're looking for a property management company in Edmonton, you don't need to look any further - Braden Equities Inc. is here to help you manage your building and increase your profits.

Braden Equities Inc. is a trusted name in the real estate industry in Edmonton. Being in business for over 40 years means that they have extensive knowledge of the market in Edmonton and know how to handle any situation.

They treat each property as if it's their own. Having this philosophy allows them to focus on every last detail to ensure they can successfully achieve and implement each client's unique objective.

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