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With nearly 40 years in business, Braden Equities Inc. is a premier property management company in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our management style is tailored to the unique needs of each one of our clients, and we work as a team to ensure that every project is treated with the care and attention it deserves.

How to Choose A Property Management Company: Part Two

By now you have probably decided that you will be needing to enlist the services of a property management company.

You should even have a pretty good idea of what criteria to keep in mind during...

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How to Choose A Property Management Company

When searching for a reputable property manager, it will become apparent that there are numerous property management companies to pick from, and this can make it difficult to make a decision....

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How to Maximize Your Property Investment

The most surefire way to guarantee that your property investment remains a profitable endeavour is to view it as your own personal business. This means that you will get out of it what you put...

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How to Purchase an Apartment Building

Whether it is in Edmonton, or any other major Canadian city, an apartment building can be a great investment if chosen properly.

A smart investor seeks out the suitable advice, gathers the...

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What Type of Real Estate Asset Should I Invest In?

Purchasing an investment property continues to be one of the most popular ways to invest. The purpose should be to increase your wealth and secure your financial future. With that being said,...

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Use Real Estate to Build Wealth

Many of the people who have built wealth in real estate are just like you.  They drive a nice car, have kids in sports.  They work and pay bills.  The only difference is that they invested in...

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