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With nearly 40 years in business, Braden Equities Inc. is a premier property management company in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our management style is tailored to the unique needs of each one of our clients, and we work as a team to ensure that every project is treated with the care and attention it deserves.

Budget Season: Tips to Make This Challenging Time Less Painful for Real Estate Investors

Budget season is everyone's favourite time of year. Just kidding! Real estate investors look forward to this time like they do tax season, having a root canal done, or spring cleaning. They dread...

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Edmonton Sits First on REIN’s Top 10 Alberta Towns and Cities List

If there was any doubt that Edmonton wasn't one of the best cities in the province, it's gone now. REIN recently released their list of top Alberta towns and cities, and Edmonton snagged the best...

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A Before Winter Apartment Maintenance Checklist

When the weather is getting chilly, you know it's time to take stock of your winter essentials. You check your boots, your jackets, your mittens, etc. to make sure you're prepared for snow. The...

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4 Things to Look for When Hiring a Condo Property Management Company

When you're a part of a condo board, you've volunteered your time and energy into keeping the condo running and maintained. In all honesty, it can seem like a full-time job on top of the one you...

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Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Program: Cost-Savings for Apartment Owners

Bills are part of owning an apartment building. There's some that you're scared to open because you know they'll be ridiculously high, and then there are others you know won't break the bank....

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Why is Your Apartment Vacancy Rate Still High?

Are you struggling to fill several empty units in your apartment building even though you've tried every possible avenue? Social media isn't working, and your advertising efforts are failing to...

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