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With nearly 40 years in business, Braden Equities Inc. is a premier property management company in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our management style is tailored to the unique needs of each one of our clients, and we work as a team to ensure that every project is treated with the care and attention it deserves.

How to Build a Plan to Achieve a Higher ROI on Your Multi-Family Investment

ROI is the big ticket for investors. A high ROI means your multi-family building is successful, generating income, and is in the black. When it's low, it can be because of several things such as...

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Looking for Tenants? Here’s Where You Should Advertise Your Multi-Family Building

Are you “advertising” your units to no avail, but not seeing interest? Are you running out of ideas for places you can advertise? When you have available units to rent, the pressure is on to fill...

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What You Need to Know About Managing a Multi-Family Building

To be a landlord—a good one—, you must be a tough cookie, standing your ground and enforcing the rules of your building. Having a meek personality will not benefit you in this authoritative role....

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How to Decide if Investment Property in Edmonton is for You

It takes much consideration on behalf of investors to choose an excellent location for their investment property. The location will impact the success of it: is there a high tenant turnover in...

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4 Things Investors Need to Know Before Purchasing a Rental Property

When you have been considering something for a while, like purchasing a multi-family property, and the timing seems right, there can be an irresistible urge to jump right in without looking back....

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Transform Your Multi-Family Building into a Revenue Generating Investment

Despite the best wishes of investors, sometimes a multi-family building can run in the red, costing money instead of being a revenue generating investment. Why is this so? In some cases, the...

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